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Promoting Green Solutions

The nonprofit Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) is a Chicago-based think-and-do tank that researches, pilots, and advocates solutions for property owners in towns and cities across the Chicago region that are paying millions of dollars to tackle basement and backyard flooding problems. CNT’s Wetrofit service offers fast track solutions for budget-strapped communities aimed at alleviating this flooding, revitalizing neighborhoods and generating jobs. 

CNT has established one of the largest family residential green retrofit programs in the nation and has already been piloted in several communities in the Chicagoland area. However, CNT is now making the case to national leaders for the financing of green infrastructure retrofits, knowing that wetrofitting can offer effective and accountable local services to many other areas throughout the country.

“The Wetrofit program is an innovative approach, tackling the root cause of an ever growing problem,” says Roy Spencer, President of Perma-Seal Basement Systems.

Stay tuned as Perma-Seal lends its expertise to identify root cause issues and seek permanent solutions to these costly and complex issues.

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