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Prevent Rain Water From Getting Into Your Basement in Lake Forest, IL

Lake Forest, a city in Illinois, lies along the shore of Lake Michigan and is part of the Chicago Metropolitan Area with a population of about 20,000. Sharing Chicago’s weather changes, Lake Forest is prone to hot summers, cold winters, with thunderstorms common in spring and summer.

With the kind of weather the city experiences, it’s no surprise that many residents often find rain water pooling in their basements. While it may seem like a minor annoyance, in reality, if left unattended, this can cause multiple issues that can harm both your home and your family.

A basement with rain water can cause damage to electronics, rot in wooden posts, weakening of foundations, and high levels of humidity that foster mold and mildew growth which can cause health issues.

If your basement gets filled with rain water often, or if you just don’t want to risk it, call a Perma-Seal professional to help you straighten your moisture issues out. A professional can pinpoint the cause of the seepage, and do the proper repairs needed. From fixing rain gutters, sealing cracks in the walls and floor, to installing a sump pump and making sure that your basement drains (if you have one) are clear and working, a professional will seek out the cause of the pooling of rain water in your basement and fix it.

By keeping your basement dry, you protect your home from rot, structural issues, rainy damage, and perhaps most importantly, health risks to your family.

Call a Perma-Seal professional today and make sure your basement stays dry, even in the harshest of weather.