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Perma-Seal Overcomes Office Flood and Helps Homeowners

Downers Grove, IL – On the morning of Thursday, April 18, 2013, thousands of Chicagoland homeowners awoke to flooded basements and streets. At Perma-Seal, what should have been an extremely busy day of answering phones and internet requests for estimates, instead was a day of trying to salvage equipment and setting up a temporary office to try to help those in need. When the Downers Grove office they’ve occupied for over 20 years was overcome with floodwaters from a nearby river, Perma-Seal lost their power, phones and many service vehicles. Yet, in spite of this major catastrophe, they rallied their troops and have been working tirelessly to respond to every inquiry as quickly as possible.

Roy Spencer, owner and president of Perma-Seal, has seen a lot of water damage in his 35 years in the business. Although he and his entire staff have always understood how disastrous water damage can be for homeowners, dealing with the flooding of his office has given him even more empathy for those who are underwater. The good news is that Perma-Seal is back up and running and ready to provide service to those in need. Mr. Spencer sincerely apologizes to anyone that was caused an inconvenience by their situation and appreciates the messages they’ve received from thankful customers whose homes stayed dry during the storm. While they don’t have the power to stop overflowing rivers from engulfing entire neighborhoods, Perma-Seal is determined to help homeowners who are repeatedly dealing with sewer backup due to overwhelmed city sewers. They also have simple solutions for anyone living with an inefficient sump pump or without a battery backup. There are ways to keep basements dry and healthy, and Perma-Seal is ready to help. For a free estimate or more information about Perma-Seal, call 800-421-SEAL or fill out the online form. And, if you are interested in working for a GREAT company, submit your resume in Microsoft Word Doc or Adobe PDF format to [email protected].