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Lombard DIY Basement Waterproofing – Why it is NOT Recommended

A suburb of Chicago, Lombard is a village in DuPage County in Illinois with a population of about 43,000. First settled in the 1830s, Lombard has grown to become famous for its annual Lilac Festival every May.

Sharing the same weather patterns as the Windy City, many Lombard homeowners have to deal with the same basement issues, such as dampness and floods.

Dealing with basement water issues should never be put-off since leaving it be can cause serious damage damage to your homes like rotting wooden posts and weakening of the foundation.

The best answer is to have your basement waterproofed. But should you go the DIY route? It might seem the logical thing to do since it’s cheaper and, after all, how hard is it to stop water from coming in the basement? But unfortunately, to DIY basement waterproofing can lead to even more disaster.

Basement waterproofing requires the proper assessment of the problem. Especially when it comes to repairing and protecting the foundations, to DIY your way through it means courting disaster.

To be safe, call Perma-Seal, the finest basement waterproofing contractors in the area, to help you out. Waterproofing professionals can assess the situation correctly and do what’s needed without risking the overall structural integrity of your home.

Don’t skimp out and DIY your basement waterproofing. Be safe. Be smart. Call Perma-Seal and ask for help from the professionals.