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Lombard Basement Waterproofing Facts

A suburb of Chicago, Lombard is a village in Illinois that is home to a population of about 43,000. It is also known for its annual Lilac Festival, a 16-day festival in May where lilac themed events, such as concerts, brunches, fairs, and many other attractions are showcased.

But despite the flowery festivals, many Lombard homes have underground secrets that many of its own residents aren’t really aware of. Basements don’t usually get the most attention in our homes, and basement waterproofing is one of those procedures that many of us tend to forget.

But basement waterproofing is very important, especially given the hot summers, cold winters, and thunderstorms that occur in spring and summer.

Here are some basement waterproofing facts to help you understand its importance:

1. Basement waterproofing can’t be “DIY-ed”
Though it may sound simple, basement waterproofing can’t be done through DIY-work alone. If you are serious about keeping your basement dry, call a Perma-Seal professional to ensure the job is done right.

2. A waterproofed basement will be more useful
Basements can be more than just storage space. Once properly waterproofed, a basement can be used as extra living space or as extra room. With new land becoming more expensive, having that extra living space can potentially be worth a small fortune.

3. Waterproofing your basement increases your home’s value
If you ever decide to sell your home, some may overlook your basement, but those in the know will take a look at it first. A basement that’s dry will mean that the home is structurally sound, does not have mold, won’t cause health problems, and is free from rot.

These three facts only scratch the surface on how a waterproofed basement can be advantageous to you. To learn more about basement waterproofing, call a Perma-Seal professional today!