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Fixing Foundation Cracks in Downers Grove, IL – What You Need to Know

A village in DuPage County, Illinois, Downers Grove was named number 8 in Forbes America’s Friendliest Towns and number 5 in CNN’s Best Places for a Healthy Retirement. It also has one of the nation’s most educated citizenry and has expansive parks, and a significant number of doctors and hospitals.  

Downers Grove also has one of the highest teardown rates in the area with older residences being torn down for larger, newer homes. But sometimes, even if the homes are new, not much care is given to the foundation or backfill, which is often carried over from the old home.  

This can cause foundation cracks to form. Of course, cracks can be caused by excess moisture as well. Given the weather conditions of Chicago, many homes in Downers Grove also suffer from basement moisture issues, which can ruin a home’s foundation.  

Solutions to Cracked Foundations 

Old foundations combined with moisture issues can be a huge problem. Cracks in the foundation can mean much bigger problems in the future, so if you notice cracks forming in your home’s foundation, be sure to call a Perma-Seal professional right away.  

A Perma-Seal professional can correctly assess the source and cause of the cracks and address them immediately. If it’s caused by the backfill, the professional can fill it up correctly. If it’s due to weekend foundations or moisture issues, the professional can repair it and ensure it won’t happen again. In short, a Perma-Seal professional can fix your cracked foundations and then some.  

Benefits to Downers Grove Homeowners 

Your home is supported by its foundation. It is only as strong as the pillars that hold it. Cracks in the foundation can cause undue stress to the home, and to yourself. By fixing these cracks and ensuring the overall structural integrity of the foundation, you not only save your home from premature collapse, but you also save yourself from undue stress that can cause a plethora of health issues.