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Elk Grove Village Settling Foundation

Elk Grove Village, Illinois – a municipality that sits adjacent to Chicago, it’s known for the herd of elk that lives in a grove in Busse woods. The name is as literal as it can get, but more than that, Elk Grove Village is also home to the largest industrial park in the U.S., with over 3,600 businesses located in it.

The climate in Elk Grove Village is one that is characterized by hot summers, cold winters, and thunderstorms are common during spring and summer. All that precipitation can cause many settling foundation problems, which can make any homeowner concerned.

But water is just one of the reasons for a settling foundation, it can also be caused by bad drainage, ground movement, subsidence, poor construction, and incomplete or failed waterproofing systems around the basement. Signs that you are dealing with this problem include: drywall cracks, doors and windows that don’t close or open any longer, or if your house starts to lean or sink on one side.

If you are concerned that your house’s foundation is settling, call a certified foundation consultant from Perma-Seal to help assess the damage, analyze the situation, and recommend a way to repair it.

A solid home that’s free from any structural issues is not just good to your home’s value, it’s good for you and your family’s health and peace of mind.