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Aurora Basement Waterproofing Costs

Arlington Heights is a village in Illinois and is home to the Arlington Race Track. A suburb of Chicago, the village shares the ‘Windy City’s’ weather patterns as well – cold winters, hot summers, and thunderstorms common during spring and summer.

These weather patterns can cause floods, especially in basements, often in-between seasons. And when it comes to basement leaks, one can never be too complacent.

A small leak might not seem much, but if left alone, it can cause huge headaches. A leaky basement can cause damage to electronics and appliances, rot in wooden posts and furniture, weakening of the foundation, and it can lead to mold growth which, in turn, can cause health risks.

Trying to figure out where the leaks come from might seem simple. Just look for the source of the water, right? But it is more complicated than that. Basement leaks can be the result of a damaged rain gutters, broken pipes, backed up sewers, or even a rising water table.

To find out the true source of the leak, it is best to call a Perma-Seal professional. A professional will not only find where the leaks are coming from, but can repair, replace, and seal all the avenues the leaks take to fill your basement up.

A professional will help keep your basement dry and free from leaks to keep your home and family safe and healthy.

So if you notice leaks in your basement, no matter how small, call a Perma-Seal professional right away to keep it from getting worse and causing problems for both your home and family.