Sump Pump Accessories

In addition to installing new and replacement primary sump pumps and adding on battery backup sump pumps, we have accessories designed to improve the functionality of your existing drainage system.

Basement Defender

Basement Defender

Basement Defender is the only device that will TEST sump pumps every morning and ALERT a homeowner to problems before an emergency situation.

  • Tests primary and backup pumps daily at 8am CT
  • Alerts homeowner when issues are detected via email, text, and app notifications
  • Temperature and humidity sensors trigger alerts to significant changes
  • Charges and maintains back up battery
  • Utilizes home Wi-Fi network to sync data and send alerts

Check Valves

Silent Sump Pump Check Valves

In most sump pump systems, the sound of the pump running is not generally the problem people have, it is the sound of the check valve opening and closing when the pump is running. The sound can be loud in many cases and is generally very annoying. By installing a quiet check valve, this sound can be lessened without compromising the functionality of the valve.

  • Spring-loaded to reduce noise by preventing valve from slamming shut after each discharge
  • Unique, patented design helps to reduce noise by allowing water to flow to the sides of the valve
  • Clear casing allows you to inspect the valve and see if it is functioning
  • Will keep water from re-entering your sump basin

IceGuard® Fitting

IceGuard Fitting

When there are water problems in the northern regions during the winter, the sump pump discharge lines can freeze. This will prevent the water from getting pumped out of your basement or crawl space. There is a solution to this problem: the IceGuard® system.

  • Unique design allows water to escape when line is frozen
  • Works even when the discharge pipe is buried in ice or snow
  • Works once installed - no valves or hoses to attach
  • When the pipe thaws, water returns to normal discharge location

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