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At the heart of every basement waterproofing system is a sump pump. The sump pump keeps water flowing away from your home. When your sump pump fails, the drain tile and window well drains will back up and the result could be several inches of water in your basement. That is why it is important to have a quality sump pump that will be reliable when you need it most.

When you have a high quality sump pump installed in your basement or crawl space you can rest easy knowing your home will always be protected from flooding during heavy rains. There are different types and combinations of sump pumps for different applications and levels of usage. It is important that the proper size and pumping capacity is matched for your home and needs.

There are two main types of pumps and two sets of options that we install in homes to remove water. Please use the links below to get more information about them. If you scroll further down the page you can read about some of the main sump pump problems as well as the solutions we have for them.

Primary Sump Pumps

Primary Sump Pumps

A high quality primary sump pump will ensure the water is removed from your home continuously during heavy rains. It is important to use one that has a good reputation and history of working for extended periods of time.

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Battery Backup Systems

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

The worst thing that can happen to your sump pump is to have the power go out during a heavy storm. Having a battery backup in place will ensure the water continues pumping until the power come back on.

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Basement Defender

Basement Defender

Regular testing of sump pumps will ensure the pump will work when you need it to. If problems are found, an alert is sent to notify you of the issue so you can be ready before a storm hits.

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Sump Pump Kits

Sump Pump Kits

With a number of options, we can install a system of pumps that include primary and backup pumps as well as battery backups all built into one convenient package. When systems are paired and packaged together, we can better ensure proper operation.

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Sump Pump Accessories

We also offer a range of sump pump accessories to expand upon the functionality of the various pumps, systems, and kits. This allows you to utilize special options that may not be necessary for every situation.

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Sump Pump Problems

Most people with crawl spaces experience very similar problems. If you know what problems to be looking for, you can make informed decisions about what needs to be done to repair them. Please look at the following list of potential crawl space problems that you could have and you can view more information about the issue or you can contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

Sump Pump Does Not Power On

When ground water rises around your basement, your sump pump is there to ensure that your basement remains dry by moving the water away from it. Your sump pump does not run constantly; if it did, your utility bills would be higher and the life of your sump pump would be much shorter. Instead, your sump pump works with a float switch. The float switch rises to engage the sump pump as water enters the sump pit. If the float switch is obstructed or defective, the pump will not power on when water enters, and you will likely have a flooded basement.

One fact about sump pumps...they all fail. It's not a matter of if, but when. And since your sump pump is the heart of a waterproofing system, it's important that you get the best pumps in the industry. So what happens when your pumps dies? Or the power goes out during a storm? That's right, your basement could flood. So protect yourself with the best backup sump pump systems on the market. Independent laboratories have confirmed that Perma-Seal pumps are the best value for homeowners.

The best way to stay ahead of any potential problems is to use a high quality primary sump pump that is partnered with a battery backup system to ensure the pumps are always ready. When systems are combined in a sump pump kit, we can have multiple redundant pumps to keep your home safe and dry.

Pump Doesn't Work When Power Is Out

Oftentimes during a heavy storm, power to your home is lost. The lights go out. You can't watch TV or use the microwave. Even more importantly, your sump pump does not work when the the power goes out. When your sump pump does not work in a heavy rainstorm, your defense is down and your basement is susceptible to flooding. It may seem like an inevitable situation, but what good is a sump pump if it doesn't work when you need it most? Perma-Seal has a battery backup sump pump that is right for your basement.

Since the pump runs on electricity, when it is out you need something that can operate on its own. This is where battery backup sump pumps shine. They can work when the power goes out and will turn off and go back into a charging state when the power returns.

Pump Is Always Running

If this is occurring in your home, it will cause problems for you in the future. If your pump is running constantly, this will eventually lead to a failure of your sump pump. All pumps fail, but constant running of a sump pump will quickly diminish the lifespan of that pump and could cause a mechanical failure. If your pump fails, you will be unprotected from incoming water and your basement will start taking in water.

Your existing pump may be in need of replacement with a new primary sump pump which will have a longer lifespan. You an also partner it with a new sump basin or other accessories to improve other aspects of your system.

Float Switch Not Working

Many sump pumps operate by a tethered float switch. When water rises in the basin, the float switch begins to float, activating the sump pump. However, these switches have a tendency to get stuck or fail, causing your pump to not work and for water to have a free pass into your basement.

When the sump pump is not working properly it is either in need of repairs or it may be time to replace it with a new primary sump pump.

Sump Pump Is Really Loud

Is your sump pump obnoxiously loud? Are you tired of hearing your pump every single time that it runs? We have many simple solutions to help to reduce the noise that your pump makes. One solution is to replace it with a more efficient and quieter primary sump pump or even adding an accessory such as a quieter check valve or seal for the pump pit.

Sump Pit Is Uncovered

Not only is a sump pit an eyesore in your basement, but it also can be dangerous. A pet, kid, or even an adult can hurt themselves by stepping into an open sump pit. Additionally, an open sump pit can produce odors and harmful gases into the basement environment. And finally, a sump pump in an open sump pit is susceptible to things that may fall into the pit and prevent proper sump pump operation. A healthy sump pump system is one that is sealed.

The use of a complete sump pump kit will help ensure you've got a covered and sealed sump pit. If you're just missing a lid or it was damaged, we have lids as part of our sump pump kit accessories.

Sump Pit Has A Bad Odor

If you smell a foul odor coming from the sump pit in your basement, you are probably overdue for maintenance on your sump pump. You should have regularly scheduled maintenance calls to ensure that your sump pump is working without problem, and that there is adequate outflow of water from the sump pit. When water or debris backup into the pit and remain, this strange odor may occur. You should also consider the installation of a new sump basin and lid to keep the area around the sump pump clean and keep odors from entering the basement. This is not to ignore your regular maintenance calls, but it will keep your basement atmosphere much more inviting by eliminating odors in the basement.

To be sure the sump pump is properly sealed, a sump pump kit should be used or if you want to retrofit your existing one, we have accessories such as new lids and basins for your existing pump.

Doesn't Pump Water Efficiently

If your sump pit is filling up with water faster than the sump pump can remove it, you are at risk of water flooding into the basement and ruining any basement finishing materials or important family items you have stored down there. Such circumstances are likely to happen during a heavy rain storm when ground saturation is too much for the pump to handle. This will cause the pump to run constantly until the water stops coming in, which could even lead to a mechanical failure.

The best way to protect yourself from this situation is to make sure that you have an adequately sized primary sump pump for your home. Perma-Seal offers a range of primary pumps to best suit your needs. However, a battery backup sump pump will be an additional help in this situation. Whether you have a mechanical failure of the main pump or there is too much water coming in, the battery backup will turn on and start pumping out the excess water to protect your basement.

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