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4 Questions to Ask a Contractor

Are you having work done on your home by a contractor?  The helpful document below can provide you with some helpful questions you should ask any contractor working on your home before they begin the work. Click to View

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3 Ways Water Can Enter Your Basement


We all know a wet or leaky basement is not good for the health of your home, but how does water get there in the first place? You might hear someone say, "My basement only leaks when it rains...". That may happen, but it doesn't mean you should ignore the issue.To put it another way - you wouldn't want your living room getting wet from time to time...

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Why Sidewalks Become Uneven and Who it Impacts

Uneven Sidewalks and Who They Impact

You probably don't spend much time thinking about the sidewalk in front of your home. It's not so much for you as it is for the pedestrians around your neighborhood. However, the sidewalk on your property is your responsibility to maintain. There are a few factors that could cause a sidewalk to need repairs. Rain can wash away the dirt underneath t...

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What is That?! - Sewer Backup Prevention

What is That?! - Sewer Backup Prevention

What is That?! It's a double whammy -- an Overhead Sewer System AND an Exterior Vault. Otherwise known as a Sewer Backup Prevention System! The sewer lines in our homes move used water from our tubs, washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, and sinks away from our home. When a line gets backed up, water builds up and can make its way back into the h...

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Cost for Fixing a Crack

What Really Goes Into Determining The Cost of Fixing a Crack

Nearly every home "settles" into place in one way or another after it's built. This can show up in tiny, hairline cracks along some interior walls. You might even hear your home creaking in the night. These are normal occurrences and not cause for concern. Unless the cracks in the walls continue to grow. That indicates a larger problem, likely with...

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