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3 Reasons to Fix Your Home’s Foundation Immediately

Whether you've just noticed a crack in your wall for the first time, or you've slowly seen it grow from an inch to several, there are a few things that hold true about foundation repair. Foundation issues don't get better with time, but many people wait an average of five years before they call on a specialist to look at the problem. Here are three...

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

So, that foundation crack in your basement—the one you discovered last summer? View the pdf below to learn the cost of not treating foundation problems. Click to View

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3 Concrete Safety Concerns Around Your Home During the Holidays

 The holidays are the perfect time to gather friends and family at your home. But, if the concrete around your house is in disrepair, it can cause serious safety issues for your guests. First, sidewalks can become a particular concern if the concrete is needing repair. Uneven sidewalks can be a trip hazard, and sloping or sunken concrete sidew...

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What is That?! - Egress Window

Besides thinking it's a big hole next to your home's foundation with some metal... It's actually a brand new emergency exit window well and window! These Egress Window kits can increase basement safety and bring in natural lighting to what was a dark area. The primary purpose of a basement egress window well is to properly prevent flooding around t...

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Rain & Snow Problems for Foundations

Rain & Snow Problems for Foundations

 As we settle into a new season, there are new weather patterns that can impact the soil – and subsequently our home's foundation! The winter months can bring bouts of heavy moisture with rain, sleet or snow . This moisture can cause pressure on your foundation and lead to serious symptoms of problems. Cracked, leaning or bowing basement walls...

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