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3 Reasons to Fix Your Home’s Foundation Immediately

Whether you've just noticed a crack in your wall for the first time, or you've slowly seen it grow from an inch to several, there are a few things that hold true about foundation repair. Foundation issues don't get better with time, but many people wait an average of five years before they call on a specialist to look at the problem. Here are three...

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Leave Something Better

As your concrete, foundation repair, and basement waterproofing contractor, we strive to leave your home better than when we first arrived. At any point, our team members strive to leave you with better peace of mind and – ultimately – a better home. Our customer care team works to promptly get back to you, to ease your home concerns. Our customers...

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Is PolyLevel Environmentally Friendly?

We've all seen PolyLevel videos on YouTube: heavy sunken concrete driveway slabs moving back up to their original position as if lifted by some supernatural force. It's fun and fascinating to watch. So, what's the catch? Is it expensive? No, not particularly. Is it rare? Actually, we are an exclusive dealer! Aha! It's probably bad for the environme...

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Signs of a Sinking Foundation: A Spring-Cleaning List

 Looking for Signs of a Sinking Foundation: One More Thing to add to the Spring-Cleaning List It may not feel like it quite yet, but spring is right around the corner—we promise. Depending on where you live, this will mean things like putting on shorts and flinging open the windows the moment the temperature rises above 40 degrees. It will mea...

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Freeze & Thaw Impacts

Does Your Concrete Have Freeze-Thaw Cycle Damage? Did you know that concrete poured at four inches thick expands at a quarter inch per 100 feet? While that might not sound like a lot, it can have a big impact on the appearance and life of your concrete. All concrete expands and contracts as temperatures rise and fall. The more extreme the temperatu...

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