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Lombard Crawl Space Encapsulation

A village in DuPage County in Illinois, Lombard is known for its annual Lilac Festival. Held every May, it features lilac-themed events such as concerts, brunches, fairs, and more.

Pelted by thunderstorms in spring and summer, plus harsh winters, the 43,000 locals in Lombard are no strangers to underground dampness. More precisely, crawl space moisture issues.

The crawl space usually holds the home's substructures, including wooden support beams and floor joists. Which means when it's flooded, the wooden materials below your home can easily become damaged by the moisture. This could cause the materials to rot, warp, and decay.

An encapsulated crawl space will give you and your home better air quality, better energy efficiency, fewer critter problems, improved durability of the flooring on the first floor, and so on.

For more information, call Perma-Seal, the finest waterproofing contractors in the area, to find out more how you can improve your home's livability today through crawl space encapsulation.


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