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Average rating for Perma-Seal Basement Systems, Inc. is 4.99 stars of 5 stars - based on 389 reviews
Foundation Repair in Willowbrook, IL
The sales person/technician was extremely thorough and gave us tips and helpful things to do that can prevent water seapage in the basement and other problems with our foundation and drainage system. He gave us our options for fixing the problem and the cost of each option and then scheduled the work to be done. The technician who came to fix the problem was very helpful and professional and completed the job within a reasonable time and did a great job.
Drainage System Installation in Munster, IN
Interior sub floor drainage system. Easy way to resolve a drainage problem with a basement. Work was completed as promised and on time. Clean up was a little less than expected, however, I was thrilled with the overall experience and would highly recommend them.
Basement Waterproofing in Mount Prospect, IL
I was very, very pleased. He was very knowledgeable and informative. He did a fine assessment and repairs. I was very pleased in every aspect of the service. They did a real nice job and cleaned everything up when finished.
Basement Waterproofing in Brookfield, IL
I was happy with the service. It has not been a year yet. Overall, they were good with the explanations and stuff. How they interacted with me, I have no complaints. They were with in ballpark with everybody else. It was a little more than we thought it would be. My only complaint was, not a lot of the workers spoke English, the head guy spoke English, so I could ask him questions. But, I could not ask any of the other workers questions because they did not speak English. The communication was hard. They were on time. They cleaned up and everything. I would recommend them.
Basement Window Replacement in Wheaton, IL
Perma-Seal replaced all of my basement windows, window wells and added a large escape window. I enjoyed working with Perma-Seal. They came out quickly for the estimate and provided it right away. Once we agreed on the work everything went smoothly. I loved the installers that we had who felt confident and comfortable enough to make suggestions which ended up being the best thing that we decided to do. They were clean, careful and did great work.
Basement Waterproofing in Chicago, IL
Our basement walls had mold from water damage from a burst water pipe/drain. We were concerned that water was also entering the foundation walls and floor. We called Perma-Seal,for an estimate on waterproofing the area. TONY GAGLIANO arrived promptly as promised and began a very thorough inspection which included both an exterior and interior exam. He took careful note of the water damage that we had sustained and then concluded that the water had NOT entered through the walls or flooring, but was in fact, from the pipes which had burst. He then spent another hour or so inspecting the surrounding grading, gutters, wall condition, mortar lines, etc..all areas from which water could cause future problems. He was extremely polite, thorough and professional and was not impatient with our endless questions. Based on his assurances, we were able to proceed with remediation of the damage and eventual refinish of the basement. He could have sold us an expensive repair of complete foundation excavation and sealing, drain tiles and sump pumps. Instead he provided us an honest evaluation, which resulted in zero money to Perma Seal. His inspection was free. It doesnt get anymore honest than this. I dont know the names of any other Perma-Seal,inspectors, but if I were looking for a thorough and honest evaluation, I would ask for Tony Gagliano. We thank him and apologize for the delay in providing this review.
Sump Pump Installation in Arlington Heights, IL
I contacted Perma-Seal to evaluate my existing sump pump. Robert came out and was professional, punctual and educating. I had several questions for Robert throughout the evaluation and he took the time to show me what was causing my sump pump issues and how Perma-Seal could fix my problem. He provided several options and allowed for me to choose which one was best. Unlike other contractors, Robert was not a pushy salesman. He is a genuine professional who puts more emphasis on solving his customer's problems than trying to make a quick sale. About a week after the evaluation, a technician came out to my home and replaced my existing sump pump with a new primary and battery backup pump. The technician also addressed my concerns of a loud noise coming from the discharge pipe rubbing against the underside of my floor joists. The technician installed bumpers and padding along the underside of my floor joists to reduce the vibration and noise. This was not within the scope of work; however, the technician wanted to make sure the job was done right and left me a satisfied customer. My pumps were installed in January 2012 and they have been working great. Based on my experience with Perma-Seal, I have referred them to two of my friends and had additional work performed this year by them at my home.
Basement Waterproofing in Roselle, IL
They fixed leaks in the basement floor by digging and inserting drain hose at the interior perimeter of basement floor and directed the drainage to a new sump pump. I have not seen a drop of water since. I had this company replace another worn sump pump about a year ago. The workers were professional, and swift with the labor and clean up. Clean up was excellent considering it was a rainy day. Every thing worked when tested and has worked very well since. I am pleased with the lifetime warranty and know they will be there if something is wrong. You need to remove anything against the perimeter walls of the basement, e.g., washer/dryer, cabinets, tables, workbench, etc. Good opportunity to clean and paint if needed.
Basement Waterproofing in Lake Villa, IL
The initial quote process was fast, friendly, and painless. As for the work itself, Perma-Seal arrived on time and quickly had the fix in place. I've waited over a year to write the review just to make sure, but so far it's been dry as a bone down there. Upon initial inspection it looks like the previous owner attempted their own fix prior to this, but clearly that didn't work out too well! My only gripe (minor) is that it took a month between the time I said 'go' and their availability to do the work. I guess that speaks to the companies popularity though, and being busy is good for business.
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