Sewer Backup Prevention System

Perma-Seal's Sewer Backup Prevention System is the proven solution to protect your home from flooding, dangerous bacteria and property damage.


  • We can install Double and Triple Valve Systems for maximum protection
  • Installed from the exterior of your home with convenient clean out ports for easy maintenance
  • Allows you to use household plumbing even when sewers are flooded
  • Lifetime warranty with annual service program

sewer backup solutions

Our unique Sewer Backup Prevention System features:

  1. Six inch cast iron body valves
  2. Four bolt removable valve service covers
  3. Replaceable brass swing check valves
  4. Two full size cleanouts
  5. A. On sewer line to rod towards street
    B. Open (overflow) tee to rod back to the house
  6. Cast iron, heavy duty ejector pump has a three year warranty
  7. Two inch threaded galvanized pipe and fittings on pump discharge line

sewer backup prevention systems

For added protection

sewer backup gate valvePerma-Seal also offers a Triple Check System for even further protection against sewer backup. You can purchase a gate valve which can be manually closed during heavy rainstorms or when you leave your house for an extended period of time. Ask a Perma-Seal Consultant for further details.

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skokieIL 60076
After shopping around and getting three estimates on our basement wall leakage problems we decided to choose Perma-Seal. We made the right choice. Using their sealants they successfully treated the cracks in our foundation. No more leaks!! We recommend them and would and will call them again for
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The crew from Perma-Seal immediately went to work on waterproofing my basement and kept work until it was finished. They working harmonious like a symphony and completed the job in one day. It was definitely worth it to know that I won't have anymore leaks in my basement!
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During the last 3 months, I have been attempting to solve a water leakage problem at my property in Chicago. It is an expensive single family home that I have been fortunate enough to rent to very nice, responsible people. Unfortunately, I have had sewer smelling water entering the lower level

park ridgeIL 60068
Salesman came first. We explained the problem. He estimated that a seal would work, and quoted $250.00. We agreed on the spot. A workman came a few days later by appointment and filled the crack with a plastic epoxy, Took about 90 minutes. He cleaned up after himself, and the repair has held
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bartlettIL 60103

We needed our single pane basement windows replaced. I scheduled several companies for bids, Perma-Seal had the lowest bid by a few thousand dollars, but the quality of the windows is just as good if not better than the competition. The install was great, no real mess to speak of. The installers