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Many people who live over crawl spaces simply don't go down there, and they would never put anything of value in an area that is damp, smelly and gross. Yet, up to 50% of the air that we breathe in the house can originate from the basement or crawl space, and the EPA states that indoor pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. Additionally, if you live over a dirt crawl space, odors, gases and every critter that crawls the earth have a free pass into your home.

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The Perma-Seal Solution

A Perma-Seal Crawl Space Encapsulation System not only transforms your crawl space into a safe, clean and bright environment, but it also can help to reduce your energy bills, humidity and moisture content, and it will add resale value to your home.

premium encapsulation systemCrawl Space Premium Encapsulation System


What NOT to do in your crawl space

caution signThere are many companies claiming that they can seal your crawl space by pumping concrete over the dirt. This is a BAD IDEA! Pumping concrete into a crawl space introduces approximately 300 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet of floor area. This excess moisture will be soaked into your floor joists and add to the already high humidity of the crawl space. In addition, the surface of pumped concrete is not like that of a basement floor. It is very porous, dusty and chalky and can introduce more caustic chemicals into the air.

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Mchenry, IL 60050
Duane Swiggum called to confirm he was coming ahead of time and showed up on time to give me an estimate for encapsulating my crawl space. He was very helpful and we will definitely be working with him in the future. Perma-Seal seems like a reputable company thanks to its

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