Leaking wall cracks

Wall cracks are the most common type of basement seepage problem, especially with poured concrete walls, which foundations are generally built with today. A poured concrete foundation is vastly superior to walls constructed out of masonry block or bricks because it is inherently stronger and it is much easier to diagnose and repair when cracked. However, all concrete mixtures Leaking Wall Crackscontain water, which evaporates during the curing process; this drying causes cracks to develop usually within the first three months of construction. The other cause of cracking is poor building techniques (improper backfilling, cold-weather pouring, inadequate reinforcement, etc).

This is GOOD NEWS! It means that your foundation walls have all the cracks that they will ever have, unless there’s an underlying structural problem. There are many other theories that say hard winters, heavy rainstorms and “continued settling” can continue to cause cracks, but unless you have movement in your foundation, you can put these tales aside. Think about it, there would be no sense in repairing cracks if they were going to continue to develop.

Most cracks in concrete walls are less than an 1/8” wide and run vertically or diagonally from top to the bottom of the wall, although they may visibly taper off toward the bottom. Cracks also run throughout the entire wall, inside to out. The BAD NEWS is that the cracks you have are getting worse! Even hairline cracks that aren’t leaking now are likely to leak at some point in the future. Why?

    Foundation Wall Cracks - Top View
  1. Water is erosive and will continue to deteriorate the crack until it works its way to the inside of your home.
  2. When a wall cracks, there are two pieces of concrete that are tightly wedged together. This is significant because the expansion-contraction cycle of the ground can move those two pieces differentially, causing the crack to open and most patches to fail.

Perma-Seal Solutions

If you find cracks in any of your foundation walls, address them now before they start to leak or their condition worsens. A certified Perma-Seal Foundation Consultant can provide you with a free, professional inspection of your foundation inside and out. If your basement is finished with drywall or paneling, we can inspect around the outside of the foundation where it is exposed above ground level for any cracks. Perma-Seal offers several options to permanently seal the cracks in your foundation walls. Your consultant can inform you of the repair that best suits your home.

Interior Crack Repair
The crack can be injected from the inside of your home

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Exterior Crack Repair
We can excavate your foundation and apply our waterproof membranes

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FlexiSpan Repair
We seal the crack and create a channel for any future water seepage

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